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Eight Incredible Initiatives in 2nd Round of Voting

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  • The second round of voting in the Meta Pool DAO is live.
  • You can earn 23% APY with your $META tokens by voting them in any initiative.
  • Watch the AMA to learn more.
  • This month we present eight global initiatives to vote on.

Meta Pool recently launched the initial phase of voting for community initiatives in the DAO, resulting in an impressive turnout of over 11 million votes and a rewarding distribution of 375K $META tokens to the deserving winners. The success of this event has left us brimming with enthusiasm and anticipation for what lies ahead.

The second round of voting is live and we’re seeing an increased number of engaged communities and leaders, as they present a selection of eight global initiatives that are up for voting. Now, let’s delve into the mechanics of how it all operates.

Make your $META work for you

By harnessing the governance capabilities of META, token holders can actively participate in the decision-making processes of the community governed protocol. Not only does this provide an avenue for meaningful engagement, but it also presents a unique opportunity to make your $META tokens work for you. You can earn 23% APY with your $META tokens by voting them in any initiative.

How it works

Get your $META tokens on any DEFI platform of the NEAR ecosystem, DEX or MEXC Global. Lock your META to generate voting power. The bigger the commitment, the bigger your voting power. All locked positions get compensated with META rewards.

Now you can vote for upcoming Meta Launchpad campaigns, the allocation of our NEAR stake in validators, ambassador community campaigns and general governance proposals. To learn more watch our latest AMA.

Voting Round 2 | AMA

Current Initiatives


Meta Pool Workshop & Staking Contest in Ho Chi Minh City

Organize a Meta Pool Workshop & Staking Contest in Ho Chi Minh City to increase TVL and brand awareness, educate participants about Defi and Liquid Staking, and engage them in a hands-on experience with the opportunity to win prizes.



Meta Pool attending the Philippine Blockchain Week: BRKOUT!

The initiative aims to send Rod Albores, brand ambassador of Meta Pool in the Philippines, as an attendee to the Philippine Blockchain Week: BRKOUT event from September 18 to 21, 2023.



Educational Online Program and IRL meetup in Mexico City

Exploring Near Protocol and the MetaPool Ecosystem educational online program and IRL community meetup in Mexico City.



Women in the Crypto Space: Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Near, Aurora, and Meta Pool – A Proposal by Crypto Epic Queen

This proposal aims to address the gender gap by creating a comprehensive educational program that focuses on Near, Aurora, and Meta Pool ecosystems. By providing women with the necessary knowledge and skills, we can empower them to actively participate in and contribute to the crypto space.



Additional $marmaj <> $stNEAR Farm Rewards

$400 (50% $META, 50% $stNEAR) added to the August farm rewards + $419 for research into Meta Pool assets and governance.



Science at the bar: DeFi Education w/ Meta Pool

DeFi education: meetup for new users of NEAR and the Meta Pool ecosystem in non-crypto environments.



Blockchain, cryptocurrency and DeFi education with Meta Pool in new communities in Colombia and Latam, increasing the adoption of NEAR, AURORA and Ethereum

Educating and increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies NEAR, AURORA and Ethereum with liquid staking in Meta Pool. (This is a second chance to vote for this initiative.)



Brand Awareness and Education initiative for African Region

One-day seminar educating attendees on crypto/web3/DeFi and on Meta Pool and voting governance system


Vote-to-earn is active

Beginning from the initial round, all voters are entitled to receive rewards. These rewards, calculated at a 23% annual percentage yield (APY) as of June 1st, are derived from 50% of the fees generated by Meta Pool. Furthermore, these rewards will remain accessible for future voting rounds. Vote-to-earn is not up and running and June voters will soon be able to claim their rewards.

Wrapping up

The second round of voting marks an exciting milestone, as an increasing number of communities and leaders step forward to present compelling global initiatives for consideration. Through voting in any initiative, token holders have the potential to earn an impressive 23% APY, amplifying the value and impact of their holdings. With the ongoing momentum and enthusiasm, the future of community-driven initiatives looks promising, fueled by the collective power of the META token holders.

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