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  • Vote in the Meta Pool DAO and help our Community Representatives make an impact with the first round of initiatives.
  • Get involved by voting for your favorite initiative.
  • Meet our regional community representatives, connect with them and share your initiative ideas.

Prepare for a monthly burst of community brilliance

Each month Meta Pool’s Community Representatives present initiatives with an intention to fuel growth in their region. These initiatives may include community education on blockchain and community onboarding to Meta Pool products, among others.

Next, it’s up to you—the Meta Pool community and META token holders—to vote on your favorite initiatives. The Meta Pool ambassadors presented three global initiatives for the community to vote on during the month of June. 

Proposal 1: Attend Coinfest Asia 2023

The first proposal is to attend Coinfest Asia, a big event for Crypto Industries in the South East Asia Region. By joining this Festival the Community Representative will be able to connect with other practitioners from Web2.5 industries and build networking and brand awareness for Meta Pool. This would help Meta Pool grow our community, with the goal of onboarding over 100 users. The event will be held in Bali Indonesia on August 24th-25th, 2023. 

Proposal 2: Blockchain and DeFi education in Colombia and Latam

The second proposal is focused on providing in-person and/or virtual spaces to provide education on blockchain and DeFi ecosystems with new communities interested in the adoption of cryptocurrencies, mainly NEAR, AURORA and Ethereum in Colombia and Latam. The educational activities would allow onboarding and adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance in an understandable, easy, and safe way. This would be done through training, meetups, workshops, AMAs, staking parties, among others, allowing these enthusiastic communities in Colombia and Latam to learn about the benefits and different strategies in the DeFi ecosystem. 

Proposal 3: Connemara Steaking Party BBQ

The third proposal is to host a staking party in the West of Ireland. Niall Griffin is returning home for the month of July and will organize an in-person event such as a bbq, house gathering or pub/cafe gathering of close friends and other interested parties within the community to introduce them to Near protocol and staking with Meta Pool. Given the current difficult macro conditions for crypto it can be hard to convince ‘normies’ to take a leap of faith and get involved in digital assets. Niall proposes to start close to home with those who are closest to him. He plans to onboard people not only to stake with Meta Pool but to get involved around the Near ecosystem.

Vote for your favorite initiative

There are 3 important steps to get involved: 

  1. Get familiar with $META. If you are already a $META token holder, then you’re one step ahead. Meta Pool community members holding $META are invited to vote on which proposals will receive funding from the DAO.
  2. Start exploring our Meta Vote DApp. If you participated in Meta Staking Vote or Meta Yield voting, you’re already familiar with it. Otherwise, get familiar with the process of generating voting power through locking up $META. For more information, please visit our blog and documentation on Meta Vote.
  3. Get to know our ambassadors. They will be the first to present initiatives for their regional communities. We have them distributed along different regions. Locate the one closest to you.

Meet Meta Pool’s ambassadors

Not all of the ambassadors are participating in this first round of initiatives, but we invite you to get in touch with them to propose your ideas or even work together.

Coming soon

We are actively pursuing ways to involve NEAR Hubs and other organizations near Meta Pool in upcoming editions.

“We are delivering on our promise to build and create a platform that is community focused. This is a tipping point for Liquid Staking platforms on NEAR. We’re leading by example by running a DAO on top of our Liquid Staking token.”

– Claudio Cossio – Meta Pool co-founder

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