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Meta Pool DAO Voting Round 2 closed

Meta Pool DAO vote

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  • The second round of voting in the Meta Pool DAO has closed
  • 3 out of 8 great initiatives have secured a total of 2.776,00 USD in funding
  • Community voters also receive governance rewards

We recently closed the second voting round of Meta Pool DAO. On this occasion, we had 8 participating initiatives from all around the world, marking another important milestone in our community’s journey. With tremendous participation, over 13.8 million votes were allocated, and three exciting initiatives have won.

We are delighted to reveal the winners of the first round of voting:

  • Meta Pool attending the Philippine Blockchain Week: BRKOUT! 3.57 M votes
  • Educacion de blockchain, criptomonedas y DeFi con Meta Pool 3.12 M votes
  • Additional $marmaj <> $stNEAR Farm Rewards 2 M votes

Together the three winning initiatives have secured a total of 2.776,00 USD in funding which will help them achieve their goals. Congratulations to the successful participants!

The other five initiatives, while they didn’t secure funding in this round, but we are thrilled to announce that they will have another opportunity to participate in the upcoming round. This will provide a chance to obtain the requested funds.

Watch the results recap video here.

Voting Round 2 DAO Meta Pool

Vote-to-earn: Rewarding Our Active Participants

At Meta Pool DAO, we deeply value the contributions of our voters. All voters who participated in the current month by voting for a validator or initiative proposal will receive governance rewards through our Vote-to-earn mechanism. We will distribute nearly 415.224 $META (1.552 USD) among our dedicated community members. Congratulations to you too!

Shaping the Future with META Token Holders

Our mission is to empower our community and bring genuine value to all our community. At Meta Pool DAO, we believe in the power of collective decision-making. To achieve this, we prioritize the active involvement of META token holders in our DAO’s governance process.

Together, we are building a stronger and more vibrant ecosystem for the future of decentralized finance. We thank you for your support and look forward to many more exciting developments ahead. Let’s continue shaping the future together! Vote!

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