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Important information for Gitcoin Summer Round – LATAM Grant Applicants

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  • Gitcoin and Meta Pool partner to present Grants 18 for the Summer Round LATAM
  • Meta Pool firmly supports Web3 education in LATAM, making it accessible for mass adoption.
  • Review the criteria and apply for funding

Today we announced our support for the Gitcoin Grants 18, through a very particular initiative, the LATAM Summer Round. This blog post serves as a guideline for Gitcoin and its partners to review applicant-submitted proposals. The selection of the projects will be made between the 15th and 30th of August.

Proposals can fall under one of the following categories:

  • Events
  • Learning
  • Content

For more in-depth information about the eligibility criteria for the Summer Round in LATAM, click here.

Building Awareness through Engaging Content and Events

A few months ago we opened the discussion on how Meta Pool could make an impact in the Ethereum ecosystem. We immediately thought that a community-driven approach should be at the center of our approach. And as we are Latin American builders ourselves, we are well aware of the need to help people and organizations onboard into Web3 in our region. 

At Meta Pool we have participated in several activities such as the ETHDenver and Aurora Encode Hackathon, built a course with Learn NEAR Club, and also have done Staking Challenges in Korea and Vietnam. We firmly believe that every project leveraging decentralized technologies and protocols should play an active role in society.

We believe that in order to create awareness for any blockchain ecosystem, as a collective we need to educate and onboard users. Not only giving visibility to our Liquid Staking platform but also to showcase the potential of blockchain technology in adding value to local and regional ecosystems that delegate their tokens on a Proof of Stake blockchain.

In our experience in-person events are critical in showcasing the human elements, demonstrating how this technology works and building confidence for prospective users. Content plays a vital role in enabling the discoverability of projects and teams building on Web3. When combined, these elements can create an excellent onboarding process for newcomers.

That is why Gitcoin, Meta Pool, and 1inch will be showcasing some of the most outstanding projects during ETH Argentina at a side event on August 18th, more details soon 😉

Educating and Onboarding for a Stronger Web3 ecosystem

Any initiative that allows knowledge to become easily accessible to users is a critical first step into mass adoption. People that are keen to explore the possibilities of what decentralized technology can do for them spark interest in local communities, disseminating the collective benefits through word-of-mouth.

Knowledge is power, and in the case of emerging economies this sentence has an even stronger significance. Web3 education will help people and organizations understand how to leverage blockchain technology and have a greater impact in their respective communities, and even potentially leading the way in the decentralized era.

The Latin America region’s potential is huge and that is why this Summer Round is so important for us, as previously mentioned this is also our region. We know firsthand the challenges that projects have to overcome in order to launch on a blockchain protocol.

Apply for funding from the Summer Round and join us in our efforts to foster a thriving ecosystem in the Latin America region!

Link to the Gitcoin Grants 18 round here.

Keep on staking!

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