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Proactive funding of public good projects with Gitcoin in LATAM

Meta Pool Partnership with Gitcoin

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  • We are committed to supporting valuable contributions to web3 and DeFi
  • Using ETH protocol fees from Meta Pool staking rewards to back Gitcoin
  • LATAM Summer Round call for submission will be live on August 1st

When we first started to build on Ethereum through our partnership with SSV Network, we wanted to deliver on the vision we had from the start of launching Meta Pool on NEAR Protocol – a Liquid Staking platform on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for the community.

We delivered the V.0.1 of the Meta Pool DAO, having now closed one round of voting and a second round about to finalize. Now we are very excited to continue on our voyage, extending the reach and impact the Meta Pool community can make in the Ethereum ecosystem.

As Meta Pool makes a transition to a full DAO, it is imperative we support others who are currently financing and are figuring out how to solve funding public goods and Regenerative Finance projects. Since listening to the pannel by Santiago Siri and Kevin Owocki at the NEAR Space event in DEVCON 2022, we knew we had to collaborate with Gitcoin and Supermodular at some stage. 

After a few talks and exchanging messages, that moment has arrived!

Collaborating with Gitcoin to support public goods projects

Meta Pool DAO was built by a decentralized team in Latin America, my cofounder is from Argentina and I live in Mexico. We understood from the beginning that we wanted to build a protocol that would help everyone learn how to be custodians of the value they created through Decentralized Finance.

That is why we are partnering with Gitcoin in order to support projects through the Meta Pool DAO protocol fees. These fees come directly from the treasury of the Ethereum Liquid Staking platform and we want the community to benefit from them.

Our team is really excited to fund the Summer Round focused on Latin American projects that will be part of the Gitcoin Grants 18. We have found a common vision between both teams in what will sprout the next phase of adoption for decentralized protocols – emerging markets.

Proactive funding through education initiatives.

As I have previously mentioned, funding projects that have an impact in the region is key in order to build the necessary momentum for adoption. 

We have always been bullish on education, since without an educated audience it is naive to expect adoption of any kind of technology or a change in paradigm. This is what blockchain represents – a new way of building digital value and sovereign custody of the value created.

The criteria we will be using in order to support projects, will be focused on helping drive educational initiatives covering the following themes:

  • Proof of Stake – how is value created? Why does ETH support PoS?
  • Decentralization – why is it important? Why should you care?
  • Governance & Decentralized Autonomous Organizations – how are blockchain protocols using it?
  • Blockchain Operating System – why decentralized front-ends are crucial for permissionless applications? What are the benefits to blockchain protocols?

There will be an official post on Gitcoin Grantee portal with all the LatAm Summer Round funding criteria, more information on that soon. For now please mark your calendars.

Important date:

  • August 1st – Summer Round open for submissions. 

For now we are taking the first step in letting the Meta Pool community know that we are serious about funding community projects and Ethereum will take center stage with this partnership with Gitcoin, which aligns with our involvement with the NEAR Blockchain Operating system.

Projects interested in being part of the Summer Round, there will be an official announcement on August 1st on the Gitcoin Governance forum.

Keep on staking, looking forward to supporting your projects.

Please reach out to us on Telegram and Discord.

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