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Improving Gender Diversity in Web3

gender diversity in web3

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  • On International Women's Day 2023 there is still vast gender imbalance in Web3
  • Meta Pool is taking action to improve gender diversity
  • Women are invited to participate in the Meta Yield Launchpad
  • On March 8th we have 2 round tables with women in Web3

We celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th to honor the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call-to-action for accelerating gender equality. This movement marks big opportunities for Web3 companies and communities because the decentralized technology that prides itself on being accessible to everyone—has thus far been very one-sided.

The inequalities seen in the tech industry are even more exaggerated in Web3. Less than 5% of DeFi entrepreneurs and founders are women and only 13% of founding teams include at least one woman. Out of all Web3 start-ups, 27% of employees are women, and they often cluster around non technical roles such as HR and Marketing. 

With women so acutely underrepresented, we’re missing out on immense possibilities that women’s perspectives can unlock. We already know that diverse teams and environments lead to better decision-making and more creativity. And the simple fact is, if we want to build inclusive products then we need to build inclusive teams.

Breaking down the “boy’s club”

In recent years there has been a significant rise in crypto ownership among young women. As of November 2022, 37% of crypto owners are women–up from 21% in 2021.

Women’s interest and participation in Web3 is growing. With education being one of the major barriers for women looking to enter the space, groups such as Unstoppable Women of Web3 and Women in Defi are creating free online educational tools for young girls and curious ladies.

We can see that young women are eager to explore Web3 if the environment promotes positive community-building and encourages social interaction. Through engaging experiences, Web3 can help foster meaningful relationships, spark conversations, and find ways to build up communities.

Women in the NEAR ecosystem

The NEAR ecosystem is also a space with an important feminine leadership. During EthDenver, I had the privilege to meet and build with inspiring and intelligent woman that are making a difference; Marieke Flament, CEO of the NEAR Foundation, Mona El Isa, CEO & founder at Avantgarde Finance Ltd., Ida Pandur, CEO of Near Balkans and Co-founder of Tekuno, among other women who are building and leading projects. 

Women at Meta Pool

At Meta Pool, we are conscious of how important it is to improve gender diversity in this space. Thus far we have 4 women on our core team of 18 people, most of them in leadership positions. We also work with female ambassadors and bloggers. 


women at metapool


We can further increase the number of talented women in the ecosystem by providing opportunities to showcase their projects and be part of the community. As the person in charge of Meta Yield Launchpad (our crowdfunding platform) and the leader of Meta Pool’s Ambassador program, I invite women to get informed about our latest initiatives.

If you are building a product, please get in touch with me and I’m happy to inform you about the requirements to apply for our launchpad. Furthermore, we’d like to have more female ambassadors. Spaces are limited— so if you’re passionate and want to spread the word about Meta Pool, please get in touch.

AMA’s and guests

On March 8th I’m hosting two round tables (Twitter spaces) in Spanish and English with women in Web3. The first is with Ida Pandur, CEO NEARBalkans, digital marketing specialist and crypto enthusiast, and Joana Orlova, member of Banyan Collective (NEAR USA). The second round table (in Spanish) is with Gabriela Chang, Ethic Hub CSO and Co-Founder and Solange Soifer Co-Founder of Whisfy.

By Lorena Ruiz

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