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New Meta Yield Projects Announced After Meta Vote Campaigns

New Meta Yield Projects Announced After Successful Meta vote campaigns

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  • Zomland and Poker Space had an exact tie to end the first ever Meta Vote competition!
  • Both projects will soon begin a Meta Yield campaign with an initial backing of 15,000 stNEAR each! Terms of the campaign (length, targets, rewards) are forthcoming
  • The fight for a spot on Meta Yield continues on Meta Vote! The remaining games are still available to vote for - Metamon is in a narrow lead! You can remove votes from the winning projects and vote for others.

Overview of Meta Vote Winners

The first ever Meta Vote campaign has come to an end – and it is time for us to congratulate our winners and prepare for their Meta Yield campaigns! Over the past month, users have been using $META to vote for their favorite of 7 games. In the end, it turned out that GameFi on NEAR is so popular our community could not decide between the frontrunners. 

Congratulations to Zomland and Poker Space, who ended in a dead tie, with over 2,000,000 votes being cast for each project! ZomLand is an interactive NFT collectible game where users take on the leader’s role of the army of zombies and monsters to battle with other users all over the world. Poker Space is a blockchain platform where anyone can play poker and host their own communities and tournaments. 

Meta Yield projects zomland and pokerspace

Zomland & Poker Space Launch as Meta Yield Projects

Now that our winners have been chosen, it is time for them to start their fundraising campaign. Both Zomland and Poker Space will be launching Meta Yield campaigns in the near future with an initial backing of 15,000 stNEAR! Initially, the winner was to receive 20,000 stNEAR, but we are happy to increase our backing for projects with such overwhelming community support.

Meta Vote allows the NEAR community to play the deciding role on which projects get a spot on Meta Yield. Now that the community is spoken, it is time to support Poker Space and Zomland with stNEAR! Remember, with Meta Yield backers get their initial investment back at the end of the locking period – the project raises their funds through the staking rewards of delegated tokens. 

People who delegate their tokens will be rewarded by the project with their native tokens, as well as have their initial stNEAR deposit returned. The specific goals and rewards have not been determined, so stay tuned for that! If you voted for these projects, show your support through staking and realize some rewards!

Meta Vote & Meta Yield Projects Moving Forward

Though the initial competition has ended, the fight for the next Meta Yield project continues on Meta Vote! The remaining games are still available to vote for – Metamon is currently in a narrow lead! These projects will not receive an initial backing from Meta Yield, but can still have successful fundraising campaigns and reward their users. If you are interested in voting for these games, you can remove votes from the winning projects and vote for others. You can change your votes or add more voting power here.

Meta Yield projects leaderboard for gamefi by Human guild

Keep an eye on our blog and social media accounts for some exciting announcements regarding Meta Vote very soon. We are the only liquid staking solution built directly on top of a DAO – and we are looking to expand to a true DAO mechanism will the advent of Meta Vote. As we move toward this goal we will be increasing communications – so be sure to check our pages and Keep on Staking! 

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