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Meta Yield & Human Guild: the Future of Fundraising for GameFi

Meta Yield and Human Guild partner for GameFi

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  • Meta Yield is partnering with Human Guild to host a series of gamefi projects on Meta Yield
  • 7 Games enter a 3-weeks community-based voting contest
  • The most voted game will receive an initial back-up of 20,000 stNEAR to launch a fundraising campaign on Meta Yield
  • Games have the possibility to rewards financial backers with NFTs thanks to the new partnership between Meta Yield and Mintbase

GameFi and NFTs are coming to Meta Yield

We are excited to partner with Human Guild to bring 7 amazing GameFi games to Meta Yield!

One of the most under-hyped aspects of the NEAR ecosystem is the games that are being built, and subsequent developing NFTs. “GameFi” is the catch-all term used by the web3 community to describe games that allow players to earn real value, typically in the form of tokens or NFTs. 

Our partnership with Human Guild enrolls a total of 7 GameFi projects built on NEAR, into a 3-week long competition. 

The competition relies on the engagement of the NEAR community and game fans desiring to influence and make a long-term impact on the NEAR ecosystem:  the community is invited to vote for their favorite project. 

The project winner of the voting contest will be launching a fundraising campaign on Meta Yield with an initial commitment of 20,000 stNEAR in backing.

The GameFi Projects You Can Vote For

Here are the 7 projects you can vote for:

Amber Metaverse

AMBER is a Metaverse and NFT game with a variety of battle modes in which NFTs are your digital property: characters, weapons, vehicles, real estate, land. The first 8888 unique 3D NFT avatars are your entry into a new virtual game world, your blockchain ‘soul’. Vote for Amber Metaverse here!

GameFi Project Amber Metaverse

Land to Empire

Land to Empire is a play-to-earn mobile ready strategy game on Near Protocol. The game is set in a fantasy world where the player is the lord of the land. In Land to Empire, players have to upgrade their land using resources gained from attacking other players’ lands or producing them on their land. Additionally, the gamer can take buildings from the game to the marketplace in order to earn money from their NFT sale. Vote for Land to Empire here


Metamon is a sci-fi and fantasy Web3 game powered by NEAR Protocol, Unreal Engine, and MTVRS, a blockchain game platform. It will have PvP gameplay, which means that players will have to compete with each other and acquire valuable resources along the way to continuously advance in the game. Vote for MetaMon here

GameFi MetaMon

Poker Space

Poker Space is a blockchain platform where anyone can play poker and, even more importantly, try themselves as the founder of a community: unite your friends and acquaintances around a common hobby, set new trends, and unlimited use of classic and caste games. Vote for Poker Space here


ZomLand is an interactive NFT & Play-to-Earn collectable game with exciting gameplay and a lot of fun. You take on the leader’s role of the army of zombies and monsters to battle with other users all over the world. The game combines elements of strategy that helps you to achieve maximum profit and earn more. Vote for Zomland here

GameFi Zomland

World of the Abyss (WOTA)

World of the Abyss (WOTA) is a true hardcore mobile MMORPG with a focus on real-time player interaction. WOTA has a classic free-to-play core as well as a Web3-component based on NEAR protocol (Play & Earn, minting, owning and trading NFT-items (gear, loot boxes, etc), NFT Marketplace, DAO Clan governance, etc). Vote for WOTA here



Users can choose digital spaces (rooms) on waka, which fit their interests. There they can get matched with another person with whom they have a lot in common (same meme taste, same NFTs, matching Horoscope, or matching personality). 

Matched users are then teleported into the metaverse (3d worlds), where they can continue to interact with each other. Users come back to find new matches and strengthen their social bonds by exchanging NFT-artifacts and finding new metaverse experiences. Vote for Waka here

GameFi Waka

How You Can Vote Using Meta Vote

The Meta Yield fundraising platform has so far been very successful at raising funds for projects with the latest campaign, Cheddar Farm, crushing its fundraising goals. 

As part of the community-based ethos of Meta Yield, we want the NEAR community to play the deciding role in choosing which projects will host fundraising campaigns on Meta Yield.

Using our new product Meta Vote, holders of the $META token (you can also get $META on all good DeFi platforms) will be able to vote for the candidates for a fundraising campaign.

The 7 games will remain on the leaderboard until the end of the challenge, with the winner of the first round of community voting earning 20,000 stNEAR in initial backing. Remember, with Meta Yield backers get their initial investment back at the end of the locking period – the project raises their funds through the staking rewards of delegated tokens.

It is important to note that these new projects will be coming with new incentives, thanks to our partnership with Mintbase. Additionally, the 6 projects that are not selected by the community to receive the 20,000 stNEAR in backing will still be debuting on Meta Yield in the future! 

We will keep you posted on the status of the contest and outline exactly how to use Meta Vote in a future post coming soon!

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