NEAR Ecosystem to support Gitcoin Round 19

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  • NEAR 2.0 (BOS) is all about decentralized frontends.
  • Polygon and Mantle are on the Blockchain Operating System (BOS).
  • Gitcoin Round 19 focused on funding decentralized frontends.

After an initial support from Meta Pool to Gitcoin Grants Round 18 this summer, we are really excited to announce that we are partnering with Proximity Labs to support Gitcoin Grants 19 with a focus on builders in the Ethereum ecosystem that are keen to build decentralized frontends on the NEAR 2.0 – Blockchain Operating System (BOS).

So today we are announcing that we have successfully committed 30,000 DAI to support applications that want to leverage NEAR 2.0 (BOS) in order to build a decentralized frontend for their dApps and protocols. Here is the link to apply to the Gitcoin Round 19 – NEAR 2.0 & Meta Pool round.

We are experiencing a great amount of interest to build censorship-resistant applications and by decentralization of the frontend, we allow any smartcontract to be supported by the NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS), this is the next evolution to support growth for interoperability of multichain applications.

There are several examples such as DapDap that has allowed access to the Uniswap smartcontract through a decentralized frontend on a BOS component, also Meta Pool has launched a component of our liquid staking platform for Ethereum delegation. 

Also Polygon applications such as Quickswap have deployed a Gateway on NEAR 2.0 (BOS), you can check it out. Mantle has also built their Gateway portal which enables quick access to some of their top applications like Fusion X and more.

Time to build on NEAR 2.0

Even though the NEARCON 2023 hackathon is just around the corner, we believe that talent is globally distributed. So we want to support builders that can leverage all the potential of the BOS SDK and build their decentralized frontends.

We want to reach out to projects in several areas:

  • Tooling and documentation to make Web3 open.
  • Innovative products towards mass adoption – games, social and DeFi.
  • Projects that are resetting culture through technology – NFTs and Digital creations.

NEAR BOS documentation can be found here.

We believe that some of the most talented builders of the Ethereum ecosystem are part of the Gitcoin community and by setting up a specific round for decentralized applications on top of NEAR 2.0 (BOS) will create more collaborative initiatives between the NEAR and Ethereum ecosystems.

Putting our communities front and center of driving value to users by enabling censorship resistant applications.

For more information, here is the link to the criterias for projects that want to request funding through the Gitcoin Round 19 – NEAR 2.0 & Meta Pool round.

Lets start building a permissionless ecosystem of dApps together one decentralized frontend at a time. Keep on budling!

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