Staking for Lockup-Accounts Just Got More Exciting with Meta Pool!

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  • Lockup accounts can now stake with Meta Pool
  • Meta Pool will incentivize lockup account stakers with governance tokens retroactively

We are ready to announce that Lockup-Accounts can now stake their NEAR tokens with Meta Pool. Our priority has always been to offer a secure and safe solution for users and the advancement towards decentralization of the NEAR Protocol.

The security audit from Blocksec has been done and everything is ready to roll on mainnet, so those early supporters and backers that have NEAR in lockup accounts can now safely participate in helping the NEAR blockchain be more decentralized, reducing risk by diversification, for them and for the network.

By staking a lockup-account with Meta Pool, stakers get the benefit of our solid, battle-tested validator monitoring system, that keeps the stake on performant validators, automatically balancing rewards with network decentralization in order to increase the censorship resistance of the network, and with that, the value of the network itself.

An Introduction to Meta Pool

Meta Pool, having pioneered the first liquid staking solution on Aurora and NEAR, has enjoyed an incident-free existence on the mainnet since its launch on August 23rd 2021

Following the NEAR Foundations strategy, Meta Pool diligently works towards spreading the stake among high-performance, low-commission, and non-concentrated validators in order to bolster decentralization and boost the censorship resistance of the NEAR Protocol.

To ensure maximum security and efficiency, Meta Pool undergoes regular audits, and all audit reports are publicly accessible in our Gitbook, section Audit reports.

We believe in complete transparency and accountability in our operations and always put NEAR and META token holders front and center of all our actions.

The Decentralization of Meta Pool DAO

Our recent strides in the direction of a fully decentralized Meta Pool DAO signifies our commitment to a community-centric model. We are giving back to the community by providing all protocol fees earned on the NEAR protocol.

For more information on this development, refer to our gitbook for all articles about our DAO.

Staking for Lockup-Accounts with Meta Pool

The recent addition to our offering is the ability for Lockup-Accounts to stake their NEAR tokens with Meta Pool. Although our liquid staking token (stNEAR) won’t be available for Lockup-Accounts, staking with Meta Pool does bring several advantages to the table:

Retroactive incentives program for locked NEAR

For those backers and early supporters that stake on the Meta Pool locked NEAR liquid staking pool, we will be providing incentives.

For the first 12 months of each staked NEAR with Meta Pool, stakers will be incentivized with 0.5 governance tokens per month for each staked NEAR. This is a significant reward in the form of governance tokens. The total allocation of META tokens for this initiative is 45 millions, or 4.5% of the total supply.

A More Secure and Decentralized Network

Staking with Meta Pool allows stakers to contribute directly to the security and decentralization of the network. This initiative is a crucial step in the continued development of a resilient, censorship-resistant NEAR Protocol.

That is why we have done an audit for the smart contract by the security team at Blocksec.

We are covering as much ground to provide liquid staking services to all NEAR token holders and improve decentralization for the NEAR Protocolo blockchain.

The Meta Pool DAO core team is building and delivering. Keep on staking!

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