We are now live on Ethereum with SSV Network

Meta Pool Live on Ethereum with SSV Network

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A few weeks back SSV Network announced their mainnet launch and Meta Pool was selected as one of their launch partners.

Today we are implementing their Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) on our liquid staking platform using SSV Network, this is a very important step towards decentralization and allowing better distribution of ETH to more validator nodes on the network.

It has been a few months since we have been building and testing their infrastructure, there is still a lot of potential to be delivered to Ethereum stakers and the ecosystem is growing our DVT with a few platforms launching later in the year. Everyone implementing their own version of infrastructure to support decentralization efforts in Ethereum mainnet.

Supporting decentralization and diversity

SSV Network provides an open and simple infrastructure for splitting and distributing a validator key into multiple KeyShares, for the purpose of running an Ethereum validator this gives builders and node operators a very easy way to support the Proof of Stake blockchain.

Meta Pool will be running an independent operator on SSV Network, so we can review performance and also have a clear understanding of any challenges operators will have and how we can best support diversity. 

We will be collaborating with Sensei Node which is supporting our infrastructure needs in the SSV Network platform. So our delegation is in good hands and with a trusted partner in Latin America. 

Implementing distributed validator technology (DVT)

Meta Pool is ready to deploy validators using SSV Network technology; we will be collaborating with several operators which include Everstake, Stakely, Dragonstake, and Sensei Node (pending to be added). This will allow us to diversify our allocation of Ethereum into several nodes running in different regions.

Ideally, we will be looking forward to support operators in emerging markets, this will come at a later stage once SSV Network is open and permissionless. For now, it is an early release and we are working with the launch partners in order to ensure a smooth rollout of the Distributed Validator Technology.

As everything that is being built on blockchain protocols, it has been a great learning experience to deploy our smart contracts on SSV Network and we take security seriously, that is why Blocksec and Halborn did two audits on our liquid staking platform before launching on mainnet. You can review the security audits here.

Moving forward with SSV Network

Important information regarding the Meta Pool operator:

  • 1.4 SSV per validator per year using Geth and Lighthouse with MEV enabled.

Meta Pool validators
To maximize decentralization the first operators to use will be:

  • Meta Pool, located in India
  • CryptoManufaktur, located in USA
  • HashQuark, located in Singapore
  • DragonStake, located in Spain

We are organizing a community call this Friday, October 6th at 2 PM UTC time, so join us on our Telegram group.

Please let us know your thoughts and help us continue to grow in the Ethereum ecosystem. Keep on staking!

Follow our official X and Telegram accounts for the latest event updates.

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