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Voting Round #3 Concludes, Governance v0.2 set for October

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  • Voting Round #3 culminates with over 27 million votes.
  • Governance v0.2 is scheduled for mid-September 2023.
  • Voting Round #3 wraps up with Great Enthusiasm
  • Voting Round #4 will start in October 2023.

The most recent Voting Round, #3, witnessed an exciting conclusion, drawing in a staggering participation of over 27 million votes.

With a total of 9 proposals voted during this round, this was one of the most competitive rounds. A total of 4 proposals came in a second chance to complete the funding required for their projects. 5 new proposals were bringed on by communities around the world.

Empowering Vietnamese Staking through funding of mpDAO

The proposal titled “Meta Pool Workshop & Staking Contest in Ho Chi Minh City” successfully secured the requested funding to mpDAO. This proposal aims to educate the Vietnamese community about liquid staking, recognizing that many Vietnamese individuals are not well-versed in DeFi products and primarily engage in short-term trading or hold major cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. 

The proposal seeks to expand their knowledge about the broader opportunities available in the crypto market, focusing on the advantages of entering the DeFi world, with a special emphasis on Meta Pool, a leading project in the NEAR ecosystem dedicated to Liquid Staking.

This initiative received a total grant of $700, being the only winner from the voting round #3, this shows the compromise that the Vietnamese community has with mpDAO.

Preparing for Governance v0.2

Meta Pool is currently undergoing a significant transformation, transitioning from being managed by a core team to becoming a more decentralized DAO known as mpDAO. Originally conceived as a DAO, Meta Pool began on a single protocol with governance tokens residing on NEAR.

This transition aligns with Meta Pool’s new multi-chain strategy, considering the availability of liquid staking solutions on Ethereum, Aurora Network, and NEAR Protocol.

During September, we conducted a survey among voters and proposers participating in the mpDAO Grants program to assess the current progress of the DAO.

The transition to v0.2 is in the design phase, with final details being ironed out. This entails adjustments to reward distribution, proposal submission requirements for mpDAO grants, frequency, and other aspects currently under review by the core team. Additionally, there will be an effort to provide clearer documentation to share with the community.

Voting Round #4, now named mpDAO Grants, arriving in October 2023

As September is dedicated to reviewing the v0.2 governance changes, we anticipate the launch of mpDAO Grants #4 in October 2023.

The buyback program for $META tokens will continue until the end of September. In October, this program will cease, and fees will be allocated and distributed in $stNEAR as part of the new v0.2 governance. This means that in October, there will be a consolidation of funds from both September and October to be distributed for mpDAO Grants.

In mid-September, an open call for new proposals will be announced, inviting individuals to participate using the new v0.2 governance. Rewards earned by current proposals in mpDAO Grants #3 that were not funded will be accumulated for mpDAO Grants 4.

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