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The mpDAO Governance on the Blockchain Operating System (BOS)

The mpDAO governance on the Blockchain Operating System (BOS)

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Ever since our announcement a few months back of our Governance V.0.1 for the Meta Pool DAO (mpDAO), the core team has been busy building the next phase of how our governance should be and gathering feedback from our community has been a daily activity from us. 

We have been busy designing a process in which anyone from the NEAR ecosystem can put forward a request to improve the Meta Pool liquid staking platform on the NEAR Protocol blockchain.

mpDAO built on BOS

Today we are proud to announce the Blockchain Operating System component for Meta Pool Improvements Proposal (mpIP), the next phase in enabling the NEAR ecosystem and the Meta Pool community to make proposals to the Meta Pool DAO. 

This will be an important milestone for our governance to be at the forefront of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations tooling in the NEAR ecosystem.

All the documentation can be found here.

Improving how Meta Pool supports validators on NEAR

mpIP should be at the core in each conversation for improvements by the community and delivering a BOS component allows the Meta Pool DAO to have a way to discuss them on-chain.

We want to leverage a decentralized front end for mpDAO, as this could be an important feature for our governance structure. We have all the information on the NEAR blockchain and immediate access for anyone interested in participating in our governance through a proposal that can benefit the Meta Pool community.

It is important to know that we are still working out in delivering our Governance V.0.2, we are looking into moving versions every 3-4 months. Before the end of Q3 2023 we will be unveiling our complete roadmap for the liquid staking platform and mpIP’s will be at the forefront of the discussions with the community and the Meta Pool core team.

So we want to start with our first proposal to be voted on by the Meta Pool community – increase the % of the delegation to validator and chunk only producer nodes.

More delegation to NEAR blockchain nodes

The first mpIP is already on-chain and we want to kick off the discussion with the NEAR and Meta Pool communities through the Blockchain Operating System.

We are currently allocating 15% of the total NEAR staked on Meta Pool to validator nodes that participate in Meta Vote, we believe that we should increase it and want everyone to participate in this decision.

Improvement in the mpIP is:

  • Raise the allocation percentage of NEAR delegated from 15% to 20%.

Please review the proposal in detail over at and let us know your thoughts, voting will be starting shortly and we need everyone’s feedback, so we can understand.

Let’s get the conversation started and start voting 🙂

We are organizing a community call on Telegram for Friday, September 8th at 1 PM UTC, make sure to join us!

Keep on voting and staking!

Follow our official X and Telegram accounts for the latest event updates.

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