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Governance Amplifier: Proposals Compete for 500,000 Votes in Meta Pool DAO

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The third voting round of Meta Pool’s DAO is here, and it’s bringing along the thrilling Governance Amplifier campaign – the shot for getting a proposal recognized by the community and the opportunity to get 500,000 votes courtesy of the core team.

We’re all about supporting the most active Web 3 communities that are involved with Meta Pool’s DAO. And we’re putting votes where the community shows it is active – in the form of Twitter threads and tons of impressions.

Voting Round #3 is in progress

With a total of 9 proposals up for vote, this constitutes a live competition to select the best projects to receive support from Meta Pool. More than 11 million votes have been allocated thus far.

Communities participating in this voting round are actively contributing to the promotion of Meta Pool’s DAO activities. It is anticipated that there will be increased activity in the coming days to encourage $META holders to cast their votes.

Important Dates for Governance Amplifier Campaign

The date to mark on the calendar is August 23rd, the moment when threads will be posted by proposers of this Voting Round #3. It’s important to remember that any threads shared before this date won’t factor into the assessment.

With a strong emphasis on quantifying impact and choosing the winner, the metric will be X impressions. On August 28th, 6:00 PM UTC, a snapshot will be taken to measure these impressions. On August 29th, the 500,000 votes will be allocated by the core team. It’s important to note that these votes will be removed once Voting Round #3 draws to a close.

Meta Pool's DAO is Community Centered

The Governance Amplifier goes beyond mere votes; it encompasses forging stronger connections, fostering deeper discussions, and leaving a lasting mark on Meta Pool’s DAO. This presents an opportunity for proposals to engage with their respective communities, positioning their ideas at the forefront for global visibility.

As Voting Round #3 approaches, it emerges as a platform to showcase the brilliance of the proposals. In this phase, the aim is to establish unprecedented benchmarks for engagement and governance within the realm of blockchain technology, progressing one proposal at a time.  The Governance Amplifier is calling!


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