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Introducing Trisolaris Farming Pool for stAUR

Trisolaris Farming Pool

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  • Meta Pool and Trisolaris team up to launch stAUR <> Aurora liquidity pool
  • Liquidity providers will receive Aurora, META & TRI tokens
  • Special lauch incentives from the 8th of August till the 8th of November 2023

This year we launched the first Liquid Staking token for Aurora. Several months have passed since staked Aurora (stAUR) made its debut on mainnet on the EVM compatible blockchain for NEAR Protocol. The moment has arrived to immerse ourselves in Aurora’s Decentralized Finance landscape, and there’s no more fitting approach than through our esteemed partner, Trisolaris.

Today we announce the launch of our first Staked Aurora pool on the top DEX in the EVM ecosystem. From our beginning Trisolaris has always been a top partner of ours, from the moment we launched our first pool NEAR <> stNEAR back in 2021. 

We found great support from the Aurora and Trisolaris community. In the current landscape, the DeFi ecosystem faces considerable challenges. However, by coming together to collaborate and actively contribute to the expansion of DeFi platforms, we can collectively navigate through this crypto winter

Get ready to start farming rewards on the stAUR <> Aurora liquidity pool.

Triple rewards for liquidity providers on stAUR <> Aurora

With the support from Trisolaris Labs and Aurora Labs teams we have setup an incentivised pool for stAUR <> Aurora. Liquidity providers who will get Aurora, TRI and META tokens.

We will be supporting incentives for the coming 180 days from now, so get your Aurora and stAUR ready for it.

Information for Liquidity Providers:

This marks just the beginning, and we’re committed to exploring additional avenues that empower users seeking involvement in Decentralized Finance platforms on Aurora!


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