Important information about the $META (METAP) token on MEXC

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To the Meta Pool community effective today our governance token META will be only transferable on MEXC. This is the initial step towards our tokenomics reset for the Meta Pool DAO.

It is a strategic decision, this is a first step in order to build a sustainable and decentralized project and we are putting our community first. It was through your participation in our governance that we took this step and we are committed to make this protocol succesful in the long run; by delivering value to the community.

In this regard, Meta Pool, recognized as $META but referred to as $METAP on MEXC, has made the decision to delist from centralized exchanges, and at first glance, this might appear as an unwelcome surprise for the Meta Pool community. However, it’s vital to understand that this decision is aimed at reinforcing the utility of the token and bringing a long-term perspective to the Meta Pool DAO community.

This decision was made through the Meta Pool Improvement Proposal N.3, in this initiative we explained that Meta Pool DAO needed to make a change in the governance structure, and part of this involved renaming the token from META to mpDAO.

So delisting from MEXC was part of this process.

Next steps for delisting METAP from MEXC

Important dates:

  • From October 26th the METAP token is delisted.
  • Until November 15, 2023 MEXC will continue to support METAP withdrawals 

Focus on Utility for mpDAO

Delisting enables Meta Pool to realign its efforts towards its core use case. mpDAO spotlight is on how the coin can be applied in real-world scenarios as a means of value accrual from the liquid staking protocol.

The objective of this delisting is to focus the use of this currency to governance, we want committed users to be the ones who objectively dispose of it, having speculative interests can bifurcate or disrupt the use of this token.

Also we will be launching our Governance on NEAR 2.0 (BOS) with full support for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) through ETH mainnet.

This is set to happen on May 1st 2024.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out on our Discord and open up a support ticket.

We appreciate your support as we begin the journey to launch our vision of a multi-chain governance protocol. Keep on staking!

Follow our official X and Telegram accounts for the latest event updates.

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