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Liquid Staking on ETH is the BOS

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  • We are always at the forefront of NEAR Protocol innovation, now also with the Meta Pool DAO and BOS
  • Meta Pool ETH Liquid Staking is LIVE on NEAR Blockchain Operating System
  • Governance will move to BOS, with a focus on decentralized frontends and smart contracts

We are very close to our second year anniversary on the NEAR Protocol, that is how old school our Liquid Staking protocol is. It is important that we adapt to where the blockchain protocol is heading and everything points to the Blockchain Operating System (BOS).

Our team has been at the forefront of NEAR Protocol innovation. We were pioneers in utilizing various features, including their native DAO functions. Recently, we successfully launched Meta Pool DAO. Moreover, we have demonstrated the capabilities of Liquid Staking tokens by creating a launchpad and a secondary bond market. Our efforts have significantly contributed to advancing Decentralized Finance on both Aurora and NEAR platforms.

This is why today we are delivering our Liquid staking component for delegating ETH on the Blockchain Operating System.

Meta Pool is now live on the Blockchain Operating System

After launching to Ethereum mainnet, our next logical move was to build on top of decentralized frontends. This is where NEAR BOS comes into play, enabling us to further develop and provide a decentralized Liquid Staking platform. This platform allows users to stake Ethereum and mint our Liquid Staking token, mpETH.

Staking is an important component of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain´s that allow each protocol to have a security and consensus mechanism that can help scale the value creation for participants in the blockchain. Last year Meta Pool announced the adoption of a multichain strategy in order to build a sustainable protocol for our DAO to govern.

A key aspect for a protocol to be sustainable is to accrue delegation, and making it accessible is a top priority for us. The NEAR BOS framework allows access to our Liquid Staking protocol in a decentralized and permissionless way, and we want to build on top of what can become a new way for users to interact with our platform.

More information on our Liquid Staking BOS component can be found here.

Meta Pool BOS ETH Liquid Staking

Allowing multiple blockchains to connect with our DAO

This is just the beginning, We plan to shift our governance into BOS by the end of the this year. Currently, we have already conducted two rounds of DAO voting and are now moving into the third round. For detailed information on our governance and how we distribute protocol fees to governance participants, visit our blog.

Currently, BOS is still being built by the Pagoda team and we’re collaborating with them to enable seamless interactions between multiple blockchains.

There is still a vast potential for development and exploration in decentralized frontends and smart contracts. So we are looking forward to keeping building on Ethereum and allowing the smart contracts we launch on mainnet to be censorship resistant and permissionless on the BOS.

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Keep on staking!

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