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Meta Pool’s Liquid Staking Now on Ethereum

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  • On July 17th Meta Pool is launching liquid staking for Ethereum.
  • Our products and services now encompass multiple ecosystems, allowing us to serve the web3 community on a broader scale.
  • This move is a critically important step in our goal of building a decentralized and secure multichain future.
  • We’d like to emphasize that nothing will change in our current operations on the NEAR network.

As builders on the NEAR Protocol and Aurora blockchains, we’re thrilled to announce that we are now expanding to the Ethereum network. After many months of careful planning, we’re announcing our move to the SSV Network, and we would like to share more details about this decision and the Liquid Staking with Ethereum launch on July 17th.

At Meta Pool, we believe that interchain decentralized applications (dApps) are the future. They will provide all web3 community members with the tools they need to effectively manage their crypto assets. This is why we recently released our new Ecosystem dApp in order to simplify user interaction among distinct Meta Pool products and services across chains. With the new DApp we want to set a new industry standard for on-chain interaction.

SSV Network

From September onwards will be using the SSV Network, a fully decentralized, open-source, and trustless DVT Network that provides a reusable infrastructure solution for decentralizing Ethereum validators. Our partnership with SSV came after careful consideration of the best technological partner. We are confident that SSV gives us all the tools we need to continue serving our users in the best way possible.

Decentralization and performance

When Meta Pool launched on NEAR Protocol and Aurora, our design was centered around the idea that secure Liquid Staking can be run under a DAO. We believe that SSV Network has the necessary technology that will enable us to focus on the governance of staking and leverage their system of validators for how it allocates the delegation and interacts with different nodes on the ETH PoS network.

This move is a critically important step in our goal of building a decentralized and secure multichain future. SSV Network is a leader in validator technology building toward this goal. SSV stands for Secret Shared Validators, and allows trustless nodes to operate by sharing keys. This has wide reaching implications for not only the decentralization of Ethereum, but also the scalability and governance of the chain.

Bullish on NEAR and integrating with BOS

We’d like to emphasize that our NEAR community has nothing to fear because nothing will change in our current operations on the NEAR network. Integrating with ETH allows us to start preparing to engage the Ethereum ecosystem and build BOS components for both our staking and our Governance dapps that will enable a more robust interaction between both Proof of Stake protocols.

We have been committed to providing a liquid staking solution that promotes decentralization and frees capital in the ecosystem  – and we will continue doing exactly that. Our move to the SSV network is intended as an extension of our current efforts.

Final thoughts

At Meta Pool, we recognize the importance of exploring new ecosystems to drive growth opportunities for our Liquid Staking platform. Our goal is to enhance the value of our solution by leveraging the strengths of each protocol we integrate with. In line with this vision, we have identified Ethereum as a crucial component in our roadmap, as it offers immense potential for our DAO to thrive and expand. By incorporating Ethereum into our ecosystem, we aim to tap into its robust network, vibrant community, and innovative infrastructure, thereby propelling our platform to new heights and creating value for our stakeholders.

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