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Aurora Staking Open to All After Successful Halborn Audit

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  • stAUR smart contract successfully audited by Halborn
  • Aurora staking is now available to everyone; the whitelist period is finalized
  • stAUR offers mobility and passive income to Aurora token holders
  • Meta Pool continues to pioneer what can be done on NEAR and Aurora blockchains.

On May 4th Meta Pool launched staked Aurora (stAUR) on mainnet, the first native Liquid Staking token for the Aurora blockchain. A whitelist process was initiated, allowing a select group of users to experience and provide feedback on stAUR.

Last week, we announced that Halborn successfully completed a blockchain and smart contract audit for the Meta Pool protocol. With the completion of this audit, Aurora staking is now available to everyone without the need to participate in the whitelist.

As we move into this new phase, we’d like to express our gratitude to the early whitelisted community members. Your feedback was essential to the development and successful audit of staked Aurora. To express our gratitude, we’re distributing 132,000 $META to our whitelist community. More information coming soon in the whitelisted channel.

“We are delivering a Liquid Staking Token that will increase Aurora’s total value locked, so stAUR can unlock more DeFi opportunities for Aurora token holders.”

– Claudio Cossio, Meta Pool co-founder.

Aurora ecosystem

Aurora is a modern, Ethereum-compatible blockchain that is fast and economical. Through tremendous growth of applications running on Aurora, and assets moved to the network, Aurora is among the fastest growing blockchains in all of crypto.

The Liquid Staking solution launched by Meta Pool is designed to provide a passive income to holders within the Aurora ecosystem. This innovative solution enhances the functionality of the $AURORA token by offering a staking service that allows users to earn rewards while their tokens remain liquid and accessible. Additionally, having a native token provides an added layer of security as it eliminates the reliance on third-party bridges for transferring tokens across different chains

How does it work?

As on all blockchains, staking allows users to accrue rewards by delegating its tokens to the node operators and helps to secure the network through proof-of-stake protocols. Previously, staked Aurora token holders did not have mobility for their crypto assets. If they wanted to get tokens and staking rewards there was a wait time of around 48 hours. This is designed to give Aurora nodes time to capture staking rewards to deliver on their APY.

For this reason, delegators must lock their tokens for a chosen amount of time in order to retrieve part of the rewards or all their tokens. This process, called unstaking, requires that tokens have to undergo a “cool down period” in order for the delegators to claim their Aurora.

A Liquid Staking Token (LST), allows the delegator to mint a token representing their Aurora staked plus accrue rewards which are estimated to be from 14% to 19% APY. For more information, you can review the Aurora governance post.

One way Meta Pool generates revenue for the DAO is through a fee that allows stAUR token holders to unstake their tokens and rewards immediately. This feature is called ‘fast unstake’ and has a fee of 2%, please review the Meta Pool gitbook for more information.

Is it audited?

Last week Halborn announced that it has successfully audited the Meta Pool liquid staking platform on Aurora. They are a top security firm that has a proven track record on the Ethereum and EVM compatible networks and we are very proud of having them as our auditing partner. This will enable our liquid staking token stAUR to be used by other DeFi protocols on the Aurora ecosystem to leverage this digital asset with a reduced smart contract risk.

We know that security is a very delicate issue and that is why we launched through a whitelisting program and we want to thank the beta testers who provided us with great feedback. Your effort will be greatly appreciated and will help grow the Aurora ecosystem, by putting security first.

Meta Pool ecosystem

The release of Liquid Staking for Aurora is part of the launch of the Meta Pool ecosystem. This is an effort to bring all our products and services under one decentralized application (DApp) that is connected to multiple blockchains.

Meta Pool’s Ecosystem DApp simplifies the complex process of authentication for staking and bond purchases. Users no longer need to go through a repetitive process to connect their wallets to our distinct platforms. The new seamless experience allows NEAR, Aurora, ETH and META token holders to interact with each DApp without friction.

Meta Pool continues to pioneer what can be done on NEAR and Aurora blockchains. The Liquid Staking token stAUR supports the Aurora ecosystem and brings more liquidity into the EVM compatible blockchain. This increases capital efficiency and mobility for the Aurora tokens and unlocks more value creation opportunities in the Aurora and NEAR ecosystems.

We will be announcing a couple of partnerships in the coming weeks, so make sure to join our Telegram group to be informed first hand on when the partnerships are announced. Get ready for it Aurora degens! Incentivized pools are coming, plus lending and borrowing!

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