Halborn’s Audit Ensures Robust Security for the Meta Pool Protocol

Halborn audits meta pool

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  • Halborn, an award-winning leader in cybersecurity, has successfully conducted a thorough blockchain audit of the Meta Pool protocol.
  • Meta Pool's products inspire confidence among venture capitalists and institutional funds due to Halborn's meticulous verification techniques.
  • The audit includes four new reports for Meta Yield and Liquid Staking on NEAR, Aurora and Ethereum.

Halborn Blockchain Security Firm performs comprehensive security evaluations to identify and resolve potential security vulnerabilities in blockchain protocols. They have collaborated with numerous industry partners, acquiring extensive expertise in the field. 

Last week, Halborn successfully completed a blockchain and smart contract audit for the Meta Pool protocol. 

“Passing a security audit is an essential component to deliver a good Liquid Staking service on NEAR and Aurora. Our partner Halborn reviewed our platform to assure our customers that their tokens are safely delegated.”  – Claudio Cossio, Meta Pool Co-Founder

Maximum security for institutional locked accounts

Both VCs and institutional funds trust Meta Pool’s products due to the audits conducted by both Blocksec and Halborn. These two top security firms provided audits, advisory services, suggestions, and a final security report for the smart contracts used in liquid staking and partner products.

Audits are both a cybersecurity and legal compliance requirement. As the crypto ecosystem grows, venture capital firms, large corporations, financial institutions and individual users are looking for the best ways to interact with tokens at minimal risk.

At present, institutional funds have the option to stake directly on Meta Pool or utilize a partner such as Finoa, which offers regulated custodial services. This clears the way for regulated institutions to provide liquidity on Meta Pool.

New audit with 4 reports

Liquid Staking Token on NEAR (stNEAR)

This contract is related to staking on NEAR Protocol. Based on its design, the Liquid Staking Token (LST) contract is composed of one single contract in charge of mint stNEAR token, while holding NEAR and distributing it for staking on single validators.

Since its launch in 2021, Meta Pool has demonstrated a solid and secure structure, effectively safeguarding funds without any reported attacks resulting in the loss of funds.

Meta Yield and bond operator contract

Meta Yield serves as a secure crowdfunding platform within Meta Pool, utilizing the rewards generated by the stNEAR token to support early-stage projects. At the conclusion of the support period, any remaining NEAR tokens are returned to the supporters, alongside the respective tokens issued by the project.

The Bond Market contract allows for secondary sales of all locked positions in Meta Yield. This requires cross-contract calls to enable the retrieval and communication of ownership for these locked positions and, in case, the reassignments of those positions after a sale.

Liquid Staking Token on Aurora (stAUR)

The native Liquid Staking solution designed specifically for the Aurora Network ecosystem. This contract enables users to stake Aurora Tokens and earn rewards.

To ensure a thorough evaluation, a whitelist process was initiated prior to the audit. This allowed a select group of users to experience and provide feedback on stAUR. With the completion of the audit, an updated version of stAUR will be released soon. The new version will not require a whitelist to participate.

Liquid Staking Token on Ethereum (mpETH)

Yes, the forthcoming liquid staking solution for Ethereum is known as mpETH. The mpETH contract enables users to stake Ethereum (ETH) tokens and receive mpETH tokens in return.

Similar to the mechanisms implemented in NEAR and Aurora, the mpETH contract supports both fast and delayed unstaking, allowing users to retrieve their ETH. Additionally, mpETH can be used as a token on any exchange connected to the price of Ethereum.

Meta Pool values professionalism and care

With the rising influx of capital into the DeFi sector, maintaining user and institutional trust becomes paramount for DeFi protocols. Meta Pool prides itself on always putting security first and we’re pleased to partner with Halborn to provide this assurance to our partners and clients.

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