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Meta Pool Connects with the NEAR Community in Korea

NEAR Community in Korea

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  • Last week Meta Pool hosted a Staking Party Meetup in Seoul, attended BUIDL Asia and spoke at the Near Korea DAO community meet-up.
  • The Korean crypto market and web3 community have seen rapid growth over the past few years.
  • Non-tech and non-financial companies are also recognizing the importance of Web3.
  • Big thanks to Near Korea Hub and Near Korea DAO for their warm welcome and kind support.

Meta Pool’s visit to Seoul was long overdue. Korea is home to the Near Korea Hub, the official representatives of the NEAR foundation and the NEAR Korea DAO community. These are some of the most active organizations within the NEAR ecosystem. This makes Korea a dynamic location for NEAR, and of course, for Meta Pool.

In line with the global crypto market, the Korean crypto market has seen rapid growth over the past few years. In the South Korea Crypto Market Report in December of 2022 we could see that Korea (8.7%) ranks third in terms of Bitcoin trading volume. They follow the U.S. (69.8%) and Japan (11.3%), making up a sizable share of the global cryptocurrency market.

Builder community meetups

Korea boasts a vibrant and diverse blockchain ecosystem with numerous communities focusing on different aspects of blockchain technology. The community organizes regular meetups, conferences, workshops, and hackathons. These facilitate interaction among community members, foster the exchange of ideas, and create new opportunities for collaboration.

NEAR Hub in Seoul

During the BUIDL Asia conference, we hosted a Staking Party meet-up on Tuesday with Near Korea Hub where we mingled over some drinks and Snacks. 

BUIDL Asia is a technical conference dedicated to sharing technical and business developments in the crypto space and to highlight solid projects and players in the industry. Since 2018, BUIDL Asia is the ultimate opportunity to interact among builders and to find diverse opportunities in terms of business development, employment, and insight sharing.

BUIDL Asia conference

DAO community meet-up

On Saturday we spoke at the Near Korea DAO community meet-up, giving a brief introduction to LST stAUR and the up-and-coming launch of our Governance DAO. 

Moreover, for a limited time Meta Pool offered additional staking rewards to local stakers in order to celebrate our first trip to Korea. The next Staking challenge is coming up on the 17th of June in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam. For those interested in participating please follow our Vietnamese Telegram channel for upcoming details.

Vibrant web3 community

The web3 community in Korea is home to numerous startups and projects that are developing innovative decentralized applications and services. These projects cover a wide range of sectors, including finance, gaming, supply chain, real estate, healthcare, and more. They often explore novel use cases for blockchain and collaborate with other community members to push the boundaries of web3. It’s important to note that the web3 community in Korea is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements and changing market dynamics.

Web3 adoption

Non-tech and non-financial companies in South Korea are recognizing the importance of Web3. While it’s natural for game, IT, and financial companies to embrace Web3 due to its reliance on blockchain technology, recent survey findings from Xangle reveal that even entertainment, distribution, and manufacturing sectors are incorporating Web3 products and services into their plans. Research suggests that top-performing companies in South Korea view Web3 as a catalyst for a transformative paradigm shift, similar to the impact of the Internet on commerce. This is why many blockchain projects see the South Korean market as a significant opportunity. Traditional industries in South Korea have already been actively pursuing Web3 adoption.

Summing up

Korea’s blockchain ecosystem is dynamic, with active blockchain builder communities fostering innovation and collaboration. Korea recognizes the potential of blockchain-based web3 as a catalyst for transformative change, attracting investments and driving the development of blockchain startups and projects across various sectors. From Meta Pool, we look forward to participating in this transformative change while providing opportunities for technological advancement and growth.

Thanks once again to Near Korea Hub and Near Korea DAO, for their warm welcome and kind support!

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