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Empowering the NEAR Ecosystem with Learn NEAR Club

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  • Learn NEAR Club is a platform designed to assist individuals in acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and understanding to effectively engage with the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Both Creators and Learners get rewards in nLEARNs—the internal points powering (L)Earning economy.
  • The different modules of Meta Pool’s course cover key topics related to our products and services.

Learn NEAR Club (LNC) is an interactive platform that serves as a comprehensive onboarding resource for NEAR Protocol. It functions as a guide or support system for new members in the ecosystem, helping them navigate and familiarize themselves with the relevant information, processes, and practices.

To achieve this, LNC connects NEAR Ecosystem projects with enthusiastic community members through a hands-on learning approach. By utilizing the (L)Earn method, Learn NEAR Club facilitates education and engagement, fostering a strong connection between project teams and individuals interested in NEAR Protocol.

Earn rewards with nLEARNs

When users actively participate in the educational content they earn nLEARNS. These are internal points that fuel the (L)Earning economy. They are not tokens and do not possess any monetary value. Instead, nLEARNS serve as mini-scholarships or benefits for exceptional learners within the club.

Both creators and learners have the opportunity to earn rewards in nLEARNS during the learning process. These points have an ultimate use case called Proof of (L)Earn. They provide a way to verify an individual’s learning history, enabling the community and projects to assess the consistency of their progress.

To earn nLEARNS, individuals can engage in various activities:
  1. Regularly visiting the Learn NEAR Club website.
  2. Sharing useful guides with the community.
  3. Referring a friend through the Affiliate program available on their Learn NEAR Club profile.
  4. Reading guides and passing quizzes.
  5. Participating in courses by completing steps, submitting assignments, and answering quizzes.
  6. Offering helpful tips to peers in the Learn NEAR Club Telegram channel.
Once earned, nLEARNS can be utilized in the following ways:
  1. Staking nLEARNS to enroll in a program or course.
  2. Redeeming nLEARNS for special offers provided by NEAR partners.
  3. Participating in Quadratic Voting polls.
  4. Tipping authors of guides and courses as a gesture of appreciation.
  5. Sending nLEARNS tips to peers in the Learn NEAR Club Telegram channel for their assistance.
  6. Redeeming nLEARNS for Ⓝ (NEAR Protocol’s native cryptocurrency) during specific Redeem Windows.

These options provide individuals with various ways to use their accumulated nLEARNS within the Learn NEAR Club ecosystem.

Meta Pool on Learn NEAR Club

Meta Pool is continuously releasing new and innovative products and services. The value of our Liquid Staking offerings is expanding across ecosystems and serving the web3 community in an even larger capacity. If you’re interested in learning more about liquid staking, crowdfunding, buying and selling in our bonds market or participating in governance, visit Meta Pool’s course on Learn NEAR Club. There are four different modules that cover the key topics related to our offers.

meta pool module 1 on Learn NEAR Club

Module 1 - Staking with Meta Pool

Participants in Module 1 learn about staking and the consensus protocol used in the NEAR Protocol. The course covers the concept of Proof of Stake (PoS) and the role of validator nodes. It also delves into rewards and NEAR tokenomics. The course explores the concept of liquid staking and provides an understanding of Meta Pool and the stNEAR asset. Participants will gain insights into validator selection criteria and will be guided through step-by-step processes such as making their first liquid stake on Meta Pool, performing an unstake of NEAR tokens, and becoming a liquidity provider.

meta pool module 2 on Learn NEAR Club

Module 2 - Crowdfunding on Meta Pool

Module 2 focuses on the various aspects of Meta Yield and Meta Bond Market. Participants will learn how projects can be listed on Meta Yield, the project selection process, and where to find additional information. The Meta Bond Market section covers connecting one’s wallet to the platform and understanding how the Meta Bond Market functions. Lastly, the course provides an overview of the platform menu and its key features, including Bond Market, My Bonds, My Sales, and My Bids.

meta pool module 3 Learn NEAR Club

Module 3 - Decentralized Finances x Meta Pool

In module 3 participants learn how to bridge stNEAR tokens between NEAR and Aurora through the Rainbow Bridge. They also learn how to swap tokens on Aurora using Trisolaris and add liquidity to the swap pools of stNEAR. The course covers swapping tokens on NEAR Protocol using Ref Finance and adding liquidity to stNEAR swap pools on Ref Finance. Participants will also gain knowledge about borrowing options using stNEAR on platforms like Burrow Cash and Aurigami. Additionally, the course explores the concept of leveraged yield farming with Pembrock. Lastly, participants will learn about NEAR staking on Aurora, expanding their understanding of the staking process within the NEAR ecosystem.

meta pool module 4 learn NEAR Club

Module 4 – Participating in Meta Pool’s governance

Module 4 covers Meta Pool’s governance and the Meta Pool DAO. Participants will gain an understanding of the $META tokenomics and how to earn voting power through Meta Vote. The course covers the process of using Meta Vote, which involves locking $META tokens and acquiring voting power based on a specific formula. Participants will also learn how to obtain $META tokens through lock stages, including the lock period, unlock period, and withdrawal of $META tokens. The course further explores Meta Staking Vote and how participants can utilize their voting power to support the best validators. Lastly, participants will learn how to use Meta Staking within the Meta Pool ecosystem.

Keeping Up with new products and services

The Learn NEAR Club provides users with an excellent opportunity to both learn and earn within the NEAR ecosystem. By joining LNC, individuals can stay informed about advancements and new offerings from Meta Pool and countless other platforms in the NEAR Ecosystem. It’s a valuable tool for staying connected and informed in this ever-evolving space.

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