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Release of the New Meta Pool Ecosystem

Ecosystem DApp

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  • We recognize the need to simplify user interaction among distinct Meta Pool products and services.
  • Meta Pool is introducing the new Ecosystem DApp available for Aurora and NEAR Protocol token users.
  • Ethereum will be available this summer for the SSV Network launch.
  • Thanks to help from our community, Meta Pool is setting a new precedent for on-chain interaction with more news and releases coming soon.

Meta Pool has launched four products and various services on the NEAR protocol blockchain in the last 2 years, and the project is expanding to Aurora and Ethereum. Thanks to the Meta Pool community’s support and feedback, we understand the need to simplify user interaction with our different decentralized applications (DApps). 

We also understand that crypto token holders desire a seamless experience in staking, crowdfunding, and secondary bonds markets. Thus, we set out to create a user-friendly platform to easily flow through our distinct platforms on mainnet.

“Our Ecosystem DApp goes far beyond Liquid Staking. This is a cutting-edge, integrated proposal for on-chain interaction, allowing Aurora, ETH and NEAR token holders to engage their digital assets and create real value with Proof of Stake blockchains.”

Claudio Cossio
– – Meta Pool co-founder

Seamless onboarding on one integrated platform

The Ecosystem DApp simplifies the complex process of authentication for staking and bond purchases. Users no longer need to go through a repetitive process to connect their wallets to our distinct platforms. The new seamless experience allows NEAR, Aurora, ETH and META token holders to interact with each DApp without friction.

We’re undergoing a full redesign and uniting the following services into one interconnected platform—the Meta Pool ecosystem:

Multichain Liquid Staking: In addition to NEAR staking Meta Pool releases the first ever native Liquid Staking token for the Aurora Blockchain. Ethereum staking is coming to the ecosystem soon with SSV Network launch.

Institutional Liquid Staking: Meta Pool builds bridges between blockchain protocols and traditional finance and fintech organizations to offer institutional grade Liquid Staking services. Meta Pool works with custodial partners such as Fireblocks, Qredo and Finoa.

Crowdfunding Launchpad: Users support new Web3 projects built on the NEAR protocol with lossless crowdfunding, by only committing their staking rewards in exchange for Project Tokens.

Bond Marketplace: Users buy or sell tokens with favorable terms in a flexible secondary bond marketplace. 

Vote & Governance DAO: The community will influence the future of the protocol with Meta Pool’s native Governance Token. More big news coming during this Q2.

Our goal is to set a new standard for on-chain user interaction. Soon, we will make a big announcement about Meta Pool Governance, allowing META token holders to have a say in how Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) on Meta Pool’s Protocol should deliver value to the community and the ecosystem.

Also, keep an eye out for upcoming ETH staking updates. We are very excited to continue building solutions that will close the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance.

Ecosystem DApp

First Native Liquid Staking Token for the Aurora Blockchain

One of the key features of the new ecosystem is the launch of staking Aurora tokens (stAUR) on mainnet. To start, we are opening this service to a select group of users. If you are interested in participating in the whitelist program, please fill out the form.

We welcome suggestions and invite participation in the Aurora staking whitelist. So please join our Telegram group and our Discord to join the Meta Pool community in open discussions. 

Whitelist for stAUR | Liquid Aurora

To participate in our testing phase, please register your details using the form.

It takes a village

We are proud to have initiated our journey with NEAR Protocol and we will continue to support their Blockchain Operating System (BOS) initiative to deliver value to users in the NEAR ecosystem.

We want to thank our Meta Pool community for all your feedback. Your support is what keeps the Meta Pool team motivated to launch solutions on top of decentralized technologies like NEAR, Aurora and Ethereum. We now understand that our mission is to bring digital services that will have meaningful impacts on emerging markets. 

Our token holders are front and center of everything we do. And in the coming days we will release our roadmap for the next 12 months. It has taken us time to plan, and we feel confident to share it with all of our supporters. You will continue to see more updates on the newly launched web page and soon you’ll get a glimpse of what DApps built with blockchain technology should do. We’re moving closer to our vision of how value creation should be done online through community focused platforms. The future is bright and full of possibilities.

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