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Zomland Fundraising Campaign with Meta Yield is LIVE

We are kickstarting ZomLand Fundraising Campaign on Meta Yield. ZomLand is an exciting Play to Earn (P2E) game about monsters and zombies.

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  • ZomLand fundraising campaign is LIVE on Meta Yield.
  • By supporting ZomLand on Meta Yield you can earn their native token.
  • Find out the reasons to fund ZomLand.

ZomLand Fundraising Campaign is ON

We are excited to introduce ZomLand, an addictive NFT card game you’ll be hooked from the start, and best part is: it’s now available for your backing on Meta Yield. In the midst of the recent changes in the blockchain ecosystem, your support is more important than ever to continue the creation and development of great projects. 

ZomLand is a play to earn (P2E) NFT card game where you take on the leader’s role of an army of zombies and monsters to battle with other users all over the world.

Players start by buying NFT land, in order to start growing their own zombies (that’s right, a zombie garden). These zombies can take part in battles, and can transform into monsters, which have a much higher market value. Best part is: by killing rival zombies and Monsters players earn in-game tokens ($ZML) and that means extra rewards. The $ZML token can be used to buy Clans, skins and weapons, to stake, to take part in mini games and trade on Decentralized and Centralized exchanges. For now NFTs can be acquired through Paras, further info visit ZomLand

Why Should You Support ZomLand on Meta Yield?

  • Because, it’s all about Zombies, and who doesn’t love Zombies? 
  • Is a ‘play to earn’ game, so you can get rewards for your time and effort spent in the game.
  • The team behind this has great experience in blockchain development and game design and they have built a strong community for their product. 
  • They are supported by great companies and organizations like Human Guild (an on-chain community focused on game developers and creatives), Paras (NFT marketplace) and other NEAR on-chain platforms such as NEAR Master and NEAR Hispano.
  • Lossless support. With Meta Yield you’re only investing the future rewards on your NEAR. 

Back the living dead here!

Loss less support through with Meta Yield

Meta Yield is a crowdfunding launchpad for NEAR projects and dApps. A user can trade their stNEAR staking rewards to a project on Meta Yield for a certain number of months, and in return receive their native token. After the lock period of 12 months, users get their stNEAR back in full – the only thing going to the project is the yield those stNEAR were earning. Therefore it’s a truly risk free way to support NEAR’s growing community.

Meta Yield is not just designed for those who want to give out of the kindness of their heart. In our fundraising campaign with Zomland, up to 14.7M $ZML are available to supporters. These tokens will be given proportionally to the number of stNEAR you give, and get larger as the campaign progresses. 

For example, the users that give the first 15,000 stNEAR will be receiving 7.62 $ZML per stNEAR that they give. The full breakdown of tokens for supporters and campaign goals is as follows: 

Learn the benefits of backing up ZomLand.

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