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How to Use Meta Vote

How to use Meta Vote on Meta Yield

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  • Meta Yield is partnering with Human Guild to help fundraise 7 GameFi projects on NEAR
  • This contest will run for 3 weeks, and the whoever receives the most votes wins 20,000 stNEAR in initial backing
  • To choose your favorite project, you must use Meta Vote
  • We provide a step-by-step guide to get $META and vote using Meta Vote


If you haven’t yet heard the news – we are hosting a voting competition on Meta Yield! We have partnered with Human Guild to bring 7 GameFi projects to our fundraising platform. Over the next 3 weeks, the community will use Meta Vote to choose their favorite – and the winner will debut first with 20,000 stNEAR in dedicated support. 

Of course, to participate in the contest you will need to know how to vote. We have recently released Meta Vote, a feature that will allow greater community participation. With this tool you can use your $META tokens to select the project you’d like to see win! In this article we will provide step-by-step instructions to using Meta Vote.

Meta Yield's GameFi Competition With Meta Vote

GameFi growth is a severely underappreciated aspect of the NEAR ecosystem. Our partners at Human Guild are involved in supporting the development of more than 25 different GameFi projects. Of those, we chose 7 that have either launched on mainnet or are very close for our Meta Vote competition.

The competition will last until the 24th of September, and at its conclusion the winning project will receive 20,000 stNEAR in dedicated funding. Each of these projects will have their own chance at a Meta Yield fundraising campaign, so don’t worry about excluding any games. We will break down how you can support them through our new mechanism Meta Vote. 

Step-by-step Voting Process

In this section, we will explain step-by-step how you can use Meta Vote. For any additional questions or clarifications, you can watch the youtube video provided below or message any team member in our discord! 

1. Go to

 Click on projects to vote. Here you will find the list of projects who are candidates to win this contest 

2. Choose the Project you Want to Vote For!

Once you have made this choice – click on vote now for whichever project you want to support. You will see the profile page of the project, and IN the right side of the window you will see the total project votes. Note that these buttons will not work for you on this page if you don’t have any $META or voting power! 

3. Connect your Wallet to Meta Vote

Click “get voting power” – it will take you to the Meta Vote site. This site handles all the voting processes. Here you will need to link your NEAR wallet so that you can have full access to your assets. 

Meta Vote demo page for Meta Yield GameFi contest

4. Get Voting Power

Once you find yourself on this page, click add voting power in the middle of the screen. If you don’t already have $META – you’ll need some! In the upper right hand corner you can click “Get More $META.” This page takes you to Ref Finance, where you can swap NEAR or other NEAR native assets for $META tokens. 

Meta Vote demo for Meta Yield GameFi contest

5. Lock $META to Add Voting Power

Once you have your $META, you are ready to add voting power. Click on the button title add voting power, and from there select the period you wish to lock your tokens. The lowest amount of time your $META can be locked for is 30 days, and it goes up to 300 days. The longer your $META is locked, the more voting power you have. After selecting your lock period, you will have to clear the transaction through your NEAR wallet – and then you are ready to vote! 

6. Vote for Project on Meta Yield 

Go back to, refresh your page, and you will see that you now have voting power! You can then use the vote now button on any project and back them with your tokens. Additionally, you don’t have to spend all your tokens on one project, you can back multiple! 

Video Walkthrough

Meta Vote and Our Vision

The team at Meta Pool has been working doggedly for the last 12 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days to bring you the entire suite of products we currently offer. A huge part of this development has been input from the community. Our initiative with Meta Vote is the first in a series of many that will demand robust community participation in selecting the next project to launch on Meta Yield. 

Part of our mission and our vision is to ensure that we are creating something valuable for the users of the NEAR ecosystem. If you are not particularly interested in being an early adopter of DeFi games – do not worry! After our partnership with Mintbase, we are planning many more projects that will now be able to distribute a wide variety of awards based on their project. With all this in mind – Keep on Staking! 

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