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DAOrecords Fundraising Campaign on Meta Yield Ends Successfully

DAOrecords campaign ends on Meta Yield

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  • DAOrecords campaign ended on June 27th
  • The campaign met its first target of 10,000 stNEAR committed
  • The project plans to use the funds generated to drop their $SPLASH token to fuel the microeconomy growing around their Alpha, Sound Splash


The DAOrecords fundraising campaign on Meta Yield came to a close with a total of over 10,000 stNEAR delegated to the project! Over the course of the 2 week campaign, DAOrecords attracted more than 20 backers to support their AudioNFT project Sound Splash. 

The campaign coincided with their 12 Sound Splash releases which come to a close this month on June 27th. With the funds raised through Meta Yield, DAOrecords will now be able to mint their Sound Splash project token, $SPLASH. 

DAOrecords Fundraising Campaign Comes to a Close

Along with minting the $SPLASH token, the funds donated through Meta Yield will allow DAOrecords to move forward with its broader launch as a project. The Sound Splash Alpha that has been released is only the first step in their 2022 launch, which they hope will conclude with a public beta launch at the end of the year. 

DAOrecords is adding to the NFT community building on NEAR with the goal of democratizing and decentralizing the music industry for both artists and creators. Their proprietary FonoRoot NFT system solves the problem of collectibility and mass dissemination. Combining rarity through first generation mints with an exponentially increasing number of copies that can be purchased by the community allows artists and users on DAOrecords a chance to truly change the music industry for good. 

Our platform Meta Yield is designed to allow users like you to support projects like this – ones that are willing to take risks to move toward a realized web3. You can check out our deep dive on DAOrecords and learn more about the Audio NFT project here.  

DAOrecords roadmap after fundraising campaignMeta Yield

Meta Yield Looking Forward

This fundraising campaign for DAOrecords marks the second successful project launched on Meta Yield. Our new platform continues to prove its ability to bring value to new ventures launching on the NEAR ecosystem, demonstrating that we can keep building even when market conditions are down. 

Meta Yield is a fundraising platform that we launched this year in order to support community projects building on NEAR. The platform leverages the advantages of liquid staking in order to give you a truly de-risked method of backing projects you truly believe in. You can read more about how to back a project on Meta Yield here.

While we can’t yet formally announce our next Meta Yield partnership, we can assure you that the next launch is coming soon! Keep your eyes on our social media for more information and keep on staking. 

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