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DAOrecords Launches Fundraising Campaign on Meta Yield

DAORecords Fundraising Campaign launches on Meta Yield

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  • DAOrecords launches fundraising campaign on crowdfunding platform Meta Yield
  • DAOrecords is fundraising for its current SoundSplash project
  • 250,000 $SPLASH tokens in potential rewards
  • Campaign launches 12:01am GMT, Friday, Jun 10th

Meta Yield Welcomes DAOrecords Fundraising Campaign!

After concluding our first successful fundraising campaign on Meta Yield with PembRock Finance, Meta Yield is excited to announce a partnership with DAOrecords

DAOrecords is reinventing the record label and democratizing the music industry. They see the future of the music industry as a place where artists have:

  • control over their music using Music NFTs and Web3 technology
  • can cultivate a relationship with their fans and community within their own economy. 

In order to support their 12 weeks SoundSplash event series, DAOrecords launches a fundraising campaign on Meta Yield. SoundSplash features weekly audio NFT drops built on their FonoRoot NFT system, and live concerts hosted on CryptoVoxels

DAOrecords Launches Fundraising Campaign on Meta Yield. Discover SoundSplash

What is $SPLASH token?

SoundSplash is releasing their native token $SPLASH to facilitate the ecosystem of transactions growing around their FonoRoot NFT system. $SPLASH tokens are being given as rewards for all Meta Yield backers, and have many more uses within the SoundSplash ecosystem.  

Holders of $SPLASH can redeem tokens for NFTs, tips artists, swap for future DAOrecords tokens, use in DeFi on Ref Finance, exchange for $NEAR and earn through NFT Staking and other social activities. 

DAOrecords Launches Fundraising Campaign on Meta Yield. Discover $SPLASH token

About DAOrecords Fundraising Campaign

The DAOrecords fundraising campaign on Meta Yield comes mid-release of their weekly Metaverse NFT event, which is running from May 4th – July 27th. Meta Yield backers will have their stNEAR tokens locked for a period of 6 months after the conclusion of the campaign.

25% of the total $SPLASH supply, or 250,000 $SPLASH have been allocated to backers on Meta Yield and will be distributed 30 days after the campaign has concluded. DAOrecords has a fundraising goal of 40,000 stNEAR over the course of roughly 3 weeks. The DAOrecords fundraising campaign ends on June 30th. 

Become one of the first to back the new project – and support a growing addition to the NEAR NFT ecosystem

Our goal is to reinvent the record label, by providing a launchpad for artists to mint NFTs and connect the DAOrecords ecosystem we can build a new music industry, together.

Meta Yield: A “Kickstarter” for NEAR Providing Community Funding in a Bear Market

June has marked another month of slow growth and stagnant prices as the bear market continues to limit capital flow across ecosystems. However, Meta Pool’s new platform Meta Yield has already demonstrated that a team of builders dedicated to finding creative solutions to modern market challenges can unlock the value of a community committed to bringing new and exciting projects to life.

Meta Yield Updates for cheddar farm, meme contest, and future plans

Meta Yield has been aptly dubbed a “kickstarter” style platform for the NEAR community. The platform allows users to stake their token for a project in exchange for their native token. The staking rewards go to support the project, and after a lock-period you get all your NEAR back. Meta Yield provides a riskless way to support community projects that you believe in. You can read more about how to use Meta Yield and its specifics on our blog.

Additionally, the recent redesign of our website demonstrates this exact commitment to adapting and evolving as the market demands, and you can check out our new design here

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With a TVL of ~9 Million $NEAR and growing, Meta Pool has become in just a few months a cornerstone element of the NEAR ecosystem. Meta Pool is making NEAR Protocol more decentralized and therefore more secure.

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