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stNEAR launches on DeFi Platform Jumbo Exchange

stNEAR launch on DeFI platformJumbo

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  • Two new stNEAR based pool: stNEAR/Jumbo (April 15th) & stNEAR/Aurora (April 26th)
  • Earn $META rewards when providing liquidity stNEAR farms
  • Jumbo is a new AMM (Automated market makers) on NEAR Native
  • Jumbo will also have an nUSDO stable pool
  • stNEAR used as collateral to issue nUSDO


DeFi on NEAR and Aurora have been growing exponentially over the last few months with a marked increase on the number of Lending Platforms, users, and Total Value Locked (TVL).

We’ve been working non-stop to ensure that stNEAR, a core building block of DeFi composability, is available in as many platforms as possible. We are thrilled to add Jumbo Exchange to the growing list of leading AMMs on NEAR and Aurora where stNEAR is currently being used to provide deep liquidity.

stNEAR lands on Jumbo

We are excited to bring stNEAR, the premium liquid staking token on the NEAR ecosystem, to Jumbo Exchange, the latest Automated Market Maker (AMM) to launch on NEAR native. 

Jumbo received a grant from the NEAR Foundation late last year as they set out to create “the most UI/UX friendly AMM on NEAR”. After months of work and fine-tuning, Jumbo is finally launched on mainnet a few weeks ago and is kickstarting liquidity incentives on April 15th.

Additionally, Jumbo will also feature a stable pool for nUSDO, the synthetic USD issue by OIN Finance that uses stNEAR as collateral. This represents a major milestone as nUSDO had challenges with convertibility since it launched back in December 2021. These new incentivised pools with deep liquidity means that users can deposit stNEAR, issue nUSDO for a fixed 2% interest, and then swap it for USDC or USDT on Jumbo.

Benefits of Using stNEAR on a Liquidity Pool

The value proposition of using stNEAR over traditional wNEAR in Liquidity Pools is quite simple: increase the number of revenue streams for LPs to three:

Swap Fees

A small percentage of each trade

Farming Rewards

Incentives provided by the protocol (i.e. REF) to attract capital.

Staking Rewards

Currently sitting at approx. 10.5%

The use of stNEAR, a yield bearing asset, will be particularly beneficial for low volume pools or pools that do not have any farming incentives.

$META Rewards

As part of our new strategy to distribute $META rewards through our partners, all users providing liquidity to the stNEAR pools will earn double rewards in both $JUMBO and $META! Meta Pooler, you can take advantage of this opportunity and be ready to participate in our future DAO!

How to obtain stNEAR?

From NEAR:

Deposit NEAR into, receive stNEAR


Swap NEAR for stNEAR on REF Finance


The first pool plan to go live on April 15th. We will share exact details on both our Discord/Twitter/Telegram, stay tuned!

About Meta Pool & stNEAR

Built on the NEAR Protocol infrastructure, Meta Pool is the leading liquid staking solution for $NEAR holders to earn staking rewards and maintain their liquidity to participate in DeFi protocols on NEAR and Aurora.

stNEAR (staked NEAR) is the yield-bearing token handed to stakers to unlock the liquidity of their $NEAR staked on Meta Pool.

Stake $NEAR on Meta Pool

~11% APY

Get stNEAR

Yield-bearing token

Go DeFi on NEAR & Aurora

More APY and more rewards

With a TVL of $120 Million USD and growing, Meta Pool has become in just a few months a cornerstone element of the NEAR ecosystem, making it more decentralized and therefore more secure, as well as making $NEAR liquid.

In February 2022 Meta Pool has been successfully audited by BlockSec, confirming the implementation of the highest security standards.

For more information visit

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If you have any questions or wish to be part of our project, don’t hesitate to join our official platforms and reach out to the team!

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